It’s all about trust

OuiShare is a community that works on a new economic model of sharing. As one can expect, it’s a very diverse selection of people that works on many different projects. One of the articles in the OuiShare magazine caught my eye as it seems to pinpoint the core of human interactions. Whether it’s about sharing or about collaborating in an organisation, trust is the one building block that’s required before you can even get started.

Helena Palha‘s short article deals specifically with the trust required to work in a digital environment. I would argue that trust in “conventional” environments is actually underestimated. As a member of BNI, I know how trust helps me get more business. But trust is also the foundation of any work in any organisation. A large part of the problems that companies face, for example, can be reduced to lack of trust. Either the manager doesn’t trust the team members and starts micromanaging them. Or the team members don’t trust the manager and start freewheeling. Or the team doesn’t trust other teams, which results in mutual suspicion that destroys the the performance of the whole company.

Building up trust is a matter of being open. Explain what your goals are and how you plan to get there. Make it clear how you can help others and how they can help you. Ask questions until you understand the same from the others. Build up a culture of transparency and you build up trust. When it works, your organisation is far more efficient than competitors who are not working on their company culture: you will have better ideas for products, your customer service will be better and your bottom line will reflect this.

New graphics on the home page

I’ve just updated the home page with some new visuals.

Bankei analyses your situation and proposes concrete steps to get your people involved, engaged and enthusiastic about your company.

Bankei is about the soul of your company. Most companies work out a good remuneration package for their employees. (Some companies don’t even do that.) While a good salary, a car and other advantages are welcome and necessary, they are not sufficient. Even in a company with competitive salaries, it’s not uncommon to find demotivated people, burn-outs and bore-outs, as well as energy wasted on battling each other. Clearly, something is missing.

Research shows that it’s not the tangible benefits that matter. Intangibles are what makes your company great. 95% of the companies is aware of this, but only 5% actually work on it.

Bankei helps you improve the intangibles in your organisation. We analyse your situation and propose concrete steps to get your people involved, engaged and enthusiastic about your company. We clarify objectives, missions, goals, tasks and collaboration. By making the organisation more transparant, an atmosphere of respect for internal diversity and the work of others arisea. As a result, your company becomes resilient to the fast changing world, agile to react to change and effective in its actions.

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