Engaging tip 3: Stop annual reviews

If you still hold annual reviews, stop them immediately. If you really do it wrong, you pit your employees against each other. Your implementation may not be that bad. But it’s certainly way too slow. A month after setting the targets, they’re obsolete. Reality kicks your plans in the corner.

And really, do you know your co-worker if you talk to him seriously only once a year?

Close collaboration is the new Bell curve. The difference isn’t subtle: it’s a new paradigm.

  • You get to know your co-workers. With an evaluation, you only measure from the outside. When collaborating, you know how they think and feel inside.
  • Matching a co-worker to a function description is so 19th century. At the current speed of the world, it feels like moving target practice. When you move along them, you can follow them. You keep an overview of new competences as they develop.
  • You get to know your projects. Instead of only tracking sterile KPIs, you know all the internal and external issues.

There is another reason to work closely together. It allows you to let projects fail. The next tip explains this in more detail.

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