Engaging tip 6: Show everybody’s work

Do you know who can help you when you have a specific problem? Do you actually know what those around you have worked on? In most organisations, the answer to both questions would be a reluctant “more or less”. It’s a shame, because people are becoming the key element of an organisation.

So, bring it out! There is no better way to make somebody proud than to show how good his work is. You can make a portfolio page as part of your Intranet.

But are you sure that this is what your co-workers want to be remembered for? Why don’t you find out? You have a company mission. How about everybody thinks about a personal mission? Make it funny, quirky and to the point: it’s time to be yourself.

Next, broaden it to your entire life. What is your purpose here? In what way can you really help others? What do you do? And what are your means? Your competences? What are those topics that, when you get a question about them, you just can’t stop until you have a satisfactory answer? Is there something in your company that, if they ask you to help with it, you can’t wait to start?

Exposing unknown sides of your personality can make your job more interesting in many ways. For example, I got into an interesting situation in a technology company when they found out I knew Japanese. Their Japanese office was causing a few problems because of mutual misunderstanding. By liaising with the Japanese, I managed to smooth out a number of issues and improve communication. Unexpectedly, one of my hobbies turned out to be a great asset at work.

We are not used to exposing ourselves. When we talk about something we’re good at, it feels like bragging. Otherwise, we open ourselves to critique or attacks. But seriously, we’re here to help each other and organisations should reflect that. So open up, show what you’re good at, and show the good results. And above all, make good art.